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Guys, I am really sorry in advance, I am not skilled with computers and all those endings drive me crazy. I looked up the forum, the wiki files, the help page - but all those ways seem to be so complicated!? I just need a certain area in 1:5000 as a vector drawing, pdf or svg doesn't matter. But when I export it, there is other layers on it, that make the file useless. I am grateful for any links, answers or whatsoever - I am sorry if I am bothering you!!!

Thank you so much!!!!!


asked 18 Jun '12, 23:31

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I assume you are using the "Export" function from the OSM main page. What you get with the options you selected is simply a version of the map in the "Standard Mapnik" style.

You are obviously expecting something else. Could you detail what that is, or perhaps the other way around, what the "Layers" are that you don't want to be included?

(19 Jun '12, 00:10) SimonPoole ♦

You will not find a free service that gives you ready-to-use, Adobe Illustrator-compatible SVG or PDF files. As you have already noticed, the Export tab does not generate that kind of file; while the SVGs that come out of the Export tag are editable with Inkscape and to a very limited degree with AI, they are not layered properly.

The closest you can get to a layered SVG for AI without paying money for it is to download the free Maperitive software, then download data, and export to SVG from there. Search for "Illustrator" using the search box above to find out more about this.

There are various commercial offerings for OSM based vector maps; check for example (formerly the vector download from

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answered 19 Jun '12, 09:05

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Hey there! Thank you very much.. maperative software - is that free? And does it work on macs? To be more specific: I simply need a vector based map of an area in London City. I don't necessarily need and information, I need the drawing with its buildings, etc. Possible useful information would be land use, such as "residential", "commercial", "cultural", etc. I will try to download the Maperative software, thanks very much for your answers so far!!!!! Sanna

(19 Jun '12, 09:59) suesoleil

Hmm, ok, what is a "mono"? Sorry I bothered you, I think that's too complicated for me, I can't even install that maperative software :/ Thanks anyway a lot for your friendly advices! Sanna

(19 Jun '12, 10:07) suesoleil

Maybew some more possibilities to produce vector maps are listed at

(24 Jun '12, 16:31) stephan75

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