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Hi i am trying to create an OSM server on Ubuntu 12.04 but every time I do it I find that I have a missing package and finally I found on this link how to create my own osm sever but i think i need the c++ library to find the itinerary , so if any one can help me were i can find them.

Another question - how can I test this server (I want to put the IP address of this server on a browser where I can find the openstreetmap map and I can calculate the itinerary)? If anyone can help on this point too...

Thank you!!

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asked 18 Jun '12, 10:12

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First of all, what do you mean by "create an OSM server"? Do you mean something that will display maps on a "slippymap" like, something that will enable you to find places by name, or something that can calculate routes from one place to another?

If it's maps that you're interested in, the switch2osm site has a couple of examples describing how to set up a tile server that might be helpful. There's this one, which uses packages in a PPA repository, and there's this one, which builds the software manually. I haven't personally tried either on Ubuntu 12.04, but the web pages for each suggest that they should work.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "but i think i need the c++ library to find the itinerary" - if you post details of that in your first language perhaps we may be able to work out what the problem is?

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answered 18 Jun '12, 12:40

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first of all thanks for ur reply and sorry for my bad english; i dont have a lots of details about cartography but my project is to search and create a server where is installed OSM were we will be able to create our route and see a map on local on our server then we have another part that is to integrate this server if we succeed in a softwre that we developped in our company. if u try to take a look on the link that i send it in the first question that's what i mean but this writed in french so i dont know if u have an idea abut it but this link miss a c++ libraries that should be installed onj the server and tose library make me able to find itenerary (without tose library's i cant do any calculation of any iteneray).

(18 Jun '12, 12:51) ahmadhc

The instructions that you linked to describe setting up a tile server (the same as the switch2osm instructions do). For routing, it's probably worth having a look at this wiki page, and also this one.

Finally, it's worth mentioning the various OSM IRC channels. #osm-dev is the best place to ask software-setup-related questions, but there's also a more general channel #osm-fr (francophone).

(18 Jun '12, 14:09) SomeoneElse ♦

Sorry but i am not an expert in cartography so i didn't understand so much your awnser the general idea as a programmer and network administrator i have an ubuntu 12.04 clean there is nothing installed on it. the final result should be that this machine will be an OSRM server that have the same fucntionnality on this site ( .and what i need in the moment is how to start and how to proceed step by step and if not at least to give me start idea .

Thank You

(18 Jun '12, 15:44) ahmadhc

(at the risk of stating the obvious in case you haven't found it) re OSRM, I'd start at the project page here, with a wiki here and installation instructions here. If you get stuck I'd ask on IRC as there's sometimes at least one of the OSRM guys around.

(18 Jun '12, 16:34) SomeoneElse ♦

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