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Dear Open Street Mappers,

I am attempting to obtain a set of coordinates that define the boundary of a city (in particular, Bristol, UK, but I would like to do this for several others too). I searched for the city and zoomed out and selected export as XML, but obviously there was too much data.

Does anyone know if there is a way to get this information easily? Just to clarify, this isn't the lon-lat coordinate of the centre of the city, it would be a set of lon-lat coordinates that define the area the city occupies. I am hoping to make a map where circles are used to represent cities, and the radius of the circle is calculated based on the size of the city, i.e., the distance between the centre of the city and the furthest point that is 'within the city'.

So just need a set of lon-lat coordinates... I have seen this for buildings, so I am assuming it is the same for a city?

Thank youu! :)

p.s. alternatively, the approximate area in square miles would be as good.

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Does the city of Bristol have a boundary relation in the OSM data?

(16 Jun '12, 21:52) stephan75

Potlach2 as the option of displaying the cursor's Lat Lon position if that helps. You may be able to get city boundaries (for the UK) from OS opendata or local Government sites so that you can map a boundary polygon of a town or city.Polygons also helps in improving nominatim addressing.

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