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I'm starting to draw buildings on my (small) hometown but the result is that mapnik renders adjacent buildings as a single pink swhadowed area.

I'd like to get a nice result as you may see in Paris for instance link:Paris downtown where there's a thin line separating the different buildings.

asked 13 Jun '12, 19:23

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Do you have an example of some buildings where this has happened to you?

Did you make all building with closed ways, so the first and last node of the building is the same one - even if the building happens to share a common wall with another building?

(13 Jun '12, 19:38) gnurk

Sure, the buildings are closed ways and share points with adjacents.

Example I mapped one hour ago link:(

(13 Jun '12, 19:41) ClopezRozas

The buildings you have mapped are tagged as building=residential and building=apartments and in the default rendering you see at these deliberately render without the line around them to make other buildings stand out more, such as in this example where you can see which buildings are residential and which aren't quite easily.

Anyway, your tagging is correct, but I think you would prefer the rendering to be different. I'm one of those who like it like it is currently; there are lots of things the example rendering on the site doesn't include, but the great thing about OSM is anyone can use the data to render things how they want (see for example )

Your Paris example seems to use building=yes for all the buildings, presumably as they were imported and not enough is known about them to tag them as anything more specific (or they were imported before anything other than building=yes was widely used).

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answered 14 Jun '12, 09:53

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EdLoach ♦
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Looks like you posted the Paris link again. But anyway...

If you look thoroughly at way 167229319 and 167229276 you will see that those building just share the node 1786347695. They don't have a common wall, because they don't share node 1786347690. The buildings are in fact overlapping.

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answered 13 Jun '12, 21:09

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