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I've got the prog CD that came with my Garmin GPS-60, but it won't read in my DVD drive (I can't play CDs either, all of a sudden). I really want to play with Mapsource at last, typical that I can't load it now! Can I d/l it from somewhere, and dial in the registration key on the sticker?

I've googled and found some Garmin links but they're not working on this old browser on the only old netbook I've got connected to the www - the main PC is never connected online. Not sure precisely what I need from the lots of links at the Garmin site, even if their silly javascript did work!

asked 13 Jun '12, 18:00

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When being OT let's get an OT with OSM inside: do you know you can inject OSM routable maps into your Garmin, at the url below? Worldwide routable Garmin maps:

(18 Jun '12, 20:34) Herve5

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You should really direct your request to Garmin support.

But here is the download link from the Garmin website

Question closed since not about OSM.

permanent link

answered 13 Jun '12, 18:07

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Thanks, but.... seriously? With all the GPS stuff on here, that's OT?! LOL

Cheers anyway

(13 Jun '12, 21:30) OffTheChart

OSM becoming a branch of Garmin support ! LOL

(13 Jun '12, 22:42) Pieren

Didn't work, sorry to say. It said it couldn't find an older MapSource - seems like it's an upgrade only.

(14 Jun '12, 07:45) OffTheChart

First download and install Garmin BaseCamp (or Training Center). Then installing MapSource will work.

Or see this guide for how to install MapSource without having a previous version:

(14 Jun '12, 12:39) Vclaw

That worked a charm, thanks! I unzipped the exe-zip into a new garmin folder, ran the msi then the setup, nothing seemed to happen, tried again and it finally installed. I can see my tracks now :)

(14 Jun '12, 18:38) OffTheChart

Clearly this must be some new meaning of the word "closed" of which I was not previously aware ;)

(14 Jun '12, 22:47) Richard ♦
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