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I want to convert location to lat/long in jquery.

Thanks, Vivek

asked 28 Oct '10, 13:14

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Vivek Kumar
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Can you detail your need and your context, please.

(28 Oct '10, 15:52) frodrigo

Hi, I have two text box called from and to and I am inserting location in it. Suppose from text box has France and to text box england, now I want to convert from location to latitude /longitude and as well as to location to latitude and longitude. how we can do that.

I want to do in j query. Thanks for your reply.

(28 Oct '10, 16:57) Vivek Kumar

Your problem is called geocoding and there are various tools and APIs which can help you with that. You could use Nominatim, I guess, or see e.g. Yahoo! PlaceFinder.

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answered 28 Oct '10, 17:13

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Hi ,thanks for the reply

Do you have any example related to open layer.

(29 Oct '10, 10:21) Vivek Kumar

The Routing Demo does exactly this by sending a JSONP request to Nominatim. You can grab a tarball and look in yours.js.

If Nominatim returns more than one result, the first one is used. It has a number of drawbacks. For example, when searching for a large city, the first result may be a border that is quite far from the actual city center.

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answered 31 Oct '10, 23:22

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Nic Roets
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