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Oops, I clicked on a red bug symbol to see what the details were, and I got an unfamiliar dialog box (Potl.2). I couldn't see an obvious way to close the window and return to normal, so I clicked Close Bug and - whoops - it marked the bug as fixed and it vanished :( (Sorry, but it's not the clearest user interface in that case! It needs a Cancel option, quit/exit, and a note that Close Bug will mark it as fixed)

Can I sort it out without losing my entire change set? I can't spot it amongst the 15 pages of changes!

asked 11 Jun '12, 18:15

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Thanks, I'll try that tomorrow on Windows - here on an old Linux netbook I can't get rid of the black-bordered window :)

(Cant run map editing on this either... Firefox v3, LOL)

I hope a day afterwards isn't too late.

(12 Jun '12, 00:07) OffTheChart

Sorted now, Firefox 10 on Win 7 came to the rescue :) Thanks

(12 Jun '12, 15:06) OffTheChart

I suspect that the red bugs that you're seeing in Potlatch 2 are actually Mapdust bugs and not OpenStreetBugs.

The procedure to reopen is as follows:

  • Go to
  • Close the large box in front of the map.
  • Zoom in to the area of interest
  • Select "Recently fixed" and "Recently closed (non reproducible / software bug)" but not "Open" at the left.
  • Click "apply"
  • After zooming in you may have to click "apply" again.
  • Click on the bug, and click "bug details"
  • Click on "reopen bug".
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answered 11 Jun '12, 22:43

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a lot of those "bugs" are pretty worthless anyway IMHO

(18 Jun '12, 15:03) neuhausr

The "bug symbols" that show up in potlach are not actual OSM data, so it is normal that you dont see them anywhere in your changeset. When you edit or close a bug in potlach, this action goes to a different database.

That database is OpenStreetBugs. If you go there instead of potlach, you should still see your bug (marked as "fixed") for a while. I do not know of a way to reopen the bug, but you should be able to create a new bug at the same spot with the same description.

Alternatively, you can do the actual bugfixing, so that the bug should indeed be closed :p

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answered 11 Jun '12, 18:48

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