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Hi there, I happpen to notice yahoo images has a higher resolution of the area I wish to edit than the other options like Bing etc.. How would i add the url to the list of background images I would like to use? I cant seem to get whatever i put in the list to do anything.

Im just a beginner with this. I cant seem to find any tutorials that specifically show how to add yahoo maps to my list of background options. thanks for any help in advance Michael

asked 10 Jun '12, 04:32

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It yould be helpful if you could state which geographic area you are intending to work on.

(10 Jun '12, 07:54) SimonPoole ♦

I see, Thanks. But from reading the Wiki page quoted by others: It sounds as if yahoo doesnt prohibit the use of their satellite imagery in order to trace roads etc...

I see no mention of it being out of their terms of use. In fact the wiki appears to be saying the opposite that its OK to do it but Yahoo hasnt given specific permission but its within their user agreement. Maybe Im reading it wrong.

But it seems the question may be answered as well about how to add other sources into the menu bar for backgrounds. So sounds like its not even possible with yahoo. Im working in the area of Montebello Quebec Canada. the raod I live on Cote Azelie is not even yet traced on open street map and I would like to do it as my first prohect. But I see that there is no areal immagery available (including Bing) with a high enough resolution to do a basic trace. Yahoo seems to have by far the best resolution out of them all for this particular region.

Any Ideas how I can acheive a decent trace without using a GPS?

Thanks again Michael

(12 Jun '12, 01:25) Azzitizz

The "how can I contribute without GPS or imagery" is a good separate question, so I've asked that here.

(12 Jun '12, 09:14) SomeoneElse ♦

The OSM wiki tends to suffer from a lot of wordiness when a short simple statement would be better.

In this case we got fuzzy permission to trace from the imagery Yahoo previously offered. We have NO such permission for the new offerings.

In general we assume that a data source is not usable for OSM except for clear cut cases (clearly PD data for example) or where we have received explicit permission.

(12 Jun '12, 10:02) SimonPoole ♦

Have a look at the answers to this question that explain why Yahoo imagery is no longer available.

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answered 10 Jun '12, 07:52

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SomeoneElse ♦
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This is likely to be new imagery from Yahoo for which we probably do not have permission to use at this point in time.

To answer your question (if you have imagery that we can actually use): it is possible to add further imagery sources in Potlatch 2 via the menus Background -> Edit -> Add. The format of the entry in the list depends on the imagery provider.

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answered 10 Jun '12, 07:52

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SimonPoole ♦
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Note that Yahoo requires that access is via their API. Support for the Yahoo API has recently been removed from Potlatch 2. Therefore even if we had legal permission, there wouldn't be any way to add the imagery to P2.

(10 Jun '12, 18:22) Richard ♦

OK thank, I think I can get a hold of a few sources of maps developed by the government , scan them and use them. From others experience, is it usually OK to use government issued maps (like maps from land surveys and other departments..)

Ill make an inquiry myself but if I see the trend is that its OK ill at least get started in searching for the maps and scanning etc...) I never thought of that. Ill have to make sure I get the orientation of the map spot on while scanning...

Im sure theres some tools to adjust the placement of a map in the background in order to line it up with existing data..

(12 Jun '12, 16:36) Azzitizz

Please make sure that your government data is compatible with our terms, for most countries this is not the case!

(12 Jun '12, 17:02) scai ♦

I just checked and the government terms of use is that as long as the data is not being used for commercial purposes its public domain and I specified the use of tracing maps onto a publicly shared and viewed online map (OSM) and this was OK.

This is great because looking a little deeper I see there is a plethora of government available data with different land images and maps...

(12 Jun '12, 18:36) Azzitizz

Either it is Public Domain or it isn't. In any case both the current and future OSM licence explicitly allows commercial usage and a lot of such use exists. In other words the imagery you are considering for use can not be used for OSM, at least not without further clarification.

Further, OSM is NOT a "publicly shared and viewed online map". While there is a map presented on the main page mainly for marketing and practical reasons, OSM is a database of geoinformation that has many uses beyond the map shown on the

(12 Jun '12, 18:46) SimonPoole ♦

Your right, I wasnt clear enough. I just asked again and what is clear is that all the geodata from the gov.of Canada can be used in any way, including commercial use, with the only condition that one indicates the source. (which is already a practice on OSM it seems)

(12 Jun '12, 19:03) Azzitizz
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