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Hello there, Very new to the community/idea. I'm wondering if it's possible to use OSM basemaps to create maps for retail sale and publication. Is it possible to copyright a map that I create using OSM? This map would contain many hand made items, and be personally mine, but the layers at the base would be OSM. I'm wondering what the rules are on this? Thanks for any insight! e

asked 27 Oct '10, 21:56

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Is it possible to use OSM basemaps to create maps for retail sale and publication? Yes, absolutely, you can use our data for anything you want, including commercial products. Any work that you derive from OSM must be licensed under the CC-BY-SA 2.0 but that does not mean you have to give it away for free.

Is it possible to copyright a map that you create using OSM? Yes, absolutely, you will be the copyright owner of the map you create from OSM. However, you are only permitted to use OSM data if you, in turn, agree to license your product to others under the same terms that OSM was licensed to you. This means that while you are the copyright owner, you cannot for example produce a work that has "(c) encompass, unauthorized duplication prohibited" on it.

The above reflects the letter of the CC-BY-SA 2.0 license that is in use at OSM at the time of writing. It is possible that CC-BY-SA 2.0 is not applicable to data in your jurisdiction which would render the above advice void and you could do anything you want. Also, OSM is changing the license.

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answered 27 Oct '10, 22:11

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Hmmm... still confused.... Say for example I create a map using OSM layers AND my own, personally created GIS layers locating archeological sites of Native American importance in Alaska for tourists to visit and sell that map at the Anchorage Airport and local tourist shops, with my own creative styles on the map, etc. What do I have to do/say beforehand on that map or by obtaining copyrighted status for my business/map in order to:

1.Not have anyone steal my map ideas/style 2.Be able to make money off of this map and not worry that because it's free and open that someone can take my information (i.e. that of sensitive significance to US Tribe members)

(this is an entirely made up example)

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answered 27 Oct '10, 22:41

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(28 Oct '10, 08:55) Jonathan Ben...

I guess I wouldn't want the map to be duplicated or else that means that I am not getting paid for it's production....?

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answered 27 Oct '10, 22:42

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