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In Australia, we have 4wd track ratings. Can we add classifications to tracks? Please find below the approved track rating system -- by the way it works in a similar manner the snow run system.

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asked 08 Jun '12, 00:48

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Are these track ratings verifiable ( That is are they marked on the ground using signs? If the only source for the ratings is a copyright publication, you won't be able to use them without explicit permission.

(08 Jun '12, 10:51) Jonathan Ben...

There is a 4wd_only tag, also mentioned in the australian tagging guidelines, but it doesn't support your 4 classes.

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answered 08 Jun '12, 05:34

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scai ♦
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Thanks, I will add them to the tracks I have been adding. In Australia, there is a large difference between ratings for tracks. The green means it is ok to go by yourself and double black means you will be stuck over night with other vehicles.

(08 Jun '12, 06:54) angyork

Perhaps you can use the tag 4wd_grade (as seen in taginfo) in addition to the general 4wd_only. Just make sure you dont use tacktype, as that is already defined with a different meaning. It's probably a good idea to document it on the wiki, too.

(08 Jun '12, 10:13) Vincent de P... ♦

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