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We have people misled to our gated community which shows four gates on the map. Only one of these gates permits ingress to the community. Many people find themselves at the unusable gates trying to find their way in. How does one identify, on the map, that the "unusable gates" are unusable to the public?

asked 07 Jun '12, 04:46

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Are the gates tagged with http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Access ?

(07 Jun '12, 05:14) gnurk

The gates just appear as gates. jk

(07 Jun '12, 06:39) jfkenton

Where does one find a charting mechanisim to mark the gates as restricted or impassable? jk

(07 Jun '12, 06:40) jfkenton

You have to add a proper access tag to the gates as already mentioned by gnurk. The main map currently does not show different gate symbols depending on the access conditions. However, also adding a proper access tag to the way behind the gate leading to your community should be clearly visible on the map.

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answered 07 Jun '12, 08:06

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scai ♦
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I assume that adding an access tag is the thing that resolves the question. That brings up the question as to how one finds whatever page and tool that one needs in order to accomplish the adding of an ACCESS TAG.

(08 Jun '12, 06:17) jfkenton

You can add the access tag by using Potlatch, JOSM or some other tool.

(08 Jun '12, 07:13) scai ♦

If certain gates are strictly exit only, you might also consider use of oneway for those exits (set the traffic direction for outward traffic movement only). This prevents routing in via those ways.

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answered 14 Aug '12, 19:45

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This is a jpeg of a gate and it's tags in the potlactch2 editor.alt text

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answered 14 Aug '12, 20:42

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andy mackey
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edited 14 Aug '12, 20:43

You could send visitors an email using a marker on the map like this http://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/25/how-do-i-add-a-marker-to-a-map pointing to the entrance gate.

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answered 14 Aug '12, 21:30

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andy mackey
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I wonder if as three of the gates are effectively useless to strangers, and I assume their status is known to residents they maybe need not be on the map?

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answered 14 Aug '12, 21:38

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andy mackey
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