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Just got MKGmap installed and running smoothly. I also learned how to create custom styles just from looking at the styles that are included. I have created a style that highlights buildings as bright blue if they have no address and the normal brownish if they have the address. This will help immensely with getting addresses. The only problem is that the buildings are displayed warped? mishapen? on my garmin map 62s. I am guessing it has something to do with how the gps adapts a flat map to the curved surface of the earth? Is there any way to fix this so the buildings are displayed properly?

Cheers, ingalls

asked 07 Jun '12, 04:34

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I always get my rotated buildings distorted, even without a custom style. Looks a little bit like the coordinates are truncated down to a lower number/lower number of bits, and the rotation (by the nature of truncation) makes some corner suffer more from the truncation than others - and the buildings look ugly. I would love to get a solution to this.

(07 Jun '12, 05:01) gnurk

The coorordinates in Garmin maps are accurate to about 2.5m depending on direction and latitude.

That's quite small, but a small building is not many times larger than that and so can be quite distorted.

So I am afraid there is nothing simple that can be done about this.

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answered 08 Jun '12, 16:17

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