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I have just added a Road fron Asurias, North of Balamban in Cebu, heading East to 'Danasan Eco Adventure Park'.

This edit seems to appear immediately when viewed in Open Street Map view.
However if one switches to Open Cycle Map, the added Road/Track can't be seen.

Is the update to OSM, reflected in Open Cycle Map, later? (or is some action required to implement an update there)

We had 'Green Trail Ride #25' on Sun 20th May and used the GPS Track Log of the ride, from the Eco Adventure Park to West Coast, and then down to Balamban, to update the Open Steet Map.

Sorry we did not note where the dirt Track changed to Paved, and then back to Dirt/Gravel again.

Seems a lot of Road Improvements, with widening evident and grading and some sections. Concreted also (single lane initially) in sections.

Check out these Road Improvements on YouTube Video taken by Brett on his GoPro 960 helmet-cam:-

GTR25 Danao Eco Park to Asturias.wmv

GTR25 Danao Eco Park to Asturias (part2).wmv

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Not a answer but this may be of interest regarding track surface notes will give some good ideas, it's also possible to geo locate video if time and date are synchronised to GPS and available. Great videos

(31 May '12, 09:43) andy mackey

See Suggested to Brett (govoner100), that he mounts a 'BIG Digital Clock' above his Speedometer, that can be read on his video, and matched to GPS

I was looking into a 'Spy Voice Recorder'. They tend to be small (so could fit in/near my crash helmet), and often voice activated with Digital Date Time Stamp. Just need to talk out load "Off Dirt onto Concrete Here" and "Off Concrete, back to Dirt/Gravel". That recorded Date Time Log activation, should be able to tally with the GPS Track log.

(31 May '12, 16:03) dwhittall

There's a comprehensive answer about the update frequency of OpenCycleMap here.

permanent link

answered 31 May '12, 11:48

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Thanks for the info. Not really bothered when, so much as knowing if it happens automatically. I was concerned there might be another 'process' involved to get 'OpenCycleMaps' updated. Seems like once I have completed the edits to OSM, I will get to see them in Open Cycle Maps without doing any more (except wait a while), that's good to hear.

Love the shaded/colored 'Topo Map' of OpenCycleMap. Thanks for the effort you put into that - much appreciated. Trying to learn how to get that onto my Garmin now. Should be easier on the eyes than the 10m Contour 'overlay' to OSM?

(31 May '12, 15:49) dwhittall

Don't thank me, thank Andy Allan!

(31 May '12, 15:56) SomeoneElse ♦

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