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What should I use to tag a small makeshift wooden crossing aid ("bridge") on a path that goes over a small stram?

The "bridge" is really just a few wooden frames thrown into the stream to cross it without getting your feet wet. I'm hesitant to call it a "bridge", something like a "crossing" might be more appropriate term. Using it is really more closely related to something like stepping stones (highway=stepping_stones) than a bridge, since you're almost at water level, and does have some gaps in the coverage where the water goes over it. Though I guess it might be technically still a bridge...

I'm very aware this isn't a very important detail to get correct, but still I'm curious as to what would be the best approach.

asked 30 May '12, 19:29

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There is no "official" way of tagging this type of bridge.

The best option is probably to tag it as bridge=plank or bridge=beam, which are already in use according to taginfo.

At any rate, if the path leading to the bridge is tagged appropriately, e.g. highway=footway, you could also just tag the bridge as bridge=yes. Any user and any decent mapping software will probably assume that it must be a very small bridge.

For completeness, tag the width with width=0.8 or so (meters is implied). This will help routing software decide that it is unsuitable for most vehicles.

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answered 30 May '12, 20:22

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Um, you do mean the path leading to the bridge should be tagged highway=path instead of footway, right? That's how it seems to be used here in finland, at least...

(31 May '12, 22:20) Ilari

@Ilari: Well, that depends on the path. If it is mainly meant (or only allowed) for pedestrians, it's footpath. If it's a shared-use path that allows pedestrians and bicycles, it's path.

(05 Jun '12, 16:29) sleske

(not that it's likely to be relevant to this specific question, but) in most of the known world, pedestrians are allowed on cycle paths so (if the bridge concerned looks like mostly like a cycleway), "highway=cycleway" may be the more appropriate way to tag it. However, if your specific locality mostly tags mult-use paths as "highway=path", then I'd do that though.

(06 Jun '12, 10:48) SomeoneElse ♦

Often dirt footpaths only have a plank or sleeper bridge, it is all that is needed. If it works as a bridge it's a bridge. It should be tagged as a bridge so that when a path crosses a stream it is nice to know there is a bridge.

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answered 31 May '12, 00:35

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andy mackey
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