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I am mapping a reservoir using Potlatch 2 and can only add 2000 points per section. Currently I have split the shoreline into multiple non connected line strings tagged as coast line. How do I add the missing segments and join them into a closed way that I can retag as a lake? I prefer not to learn another editor, as I am a casual mapper and Potlatch has done everything I have asked up until now.

asked 29 May '12, 21:10

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I've added a note to the place=island wikipage:

(06 Oct '14, 21:17) Hawkeye

Simple answer you can't do what you want to do, since the 2000 node/point limit is a limit of the OSM system, not a limitation of any specific editor.

The correct way to map such an object is to create a (in this case simple) multipolygon, see

This can be done in P2 by:

  • selecting the way you want to add to the multipolygon

  • in advanced mode, click "Add to"

  • in the "Select Relation" form either select "New Relation..." if this is the first element, or select the existing MP from the list

  • if you are creating a new MP, select "Advanced" and then "Multipolygon" to create the multipolygon, add the appropriate tags to it (you probably again need "Advanced" mode fot this)

  • continue with the next way until you have closed the polygon

Note: there may be a simpler way to do it.

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answered 29 May '12, 23:15

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I'm confused: am I taking the segments I've already created, joining it to itself to make a shape, then adding more shapes? Is the intent to create multiple abutting polygons that cover the entire area?

(30 May '12, 00:23) ras_oscar

The idea is to add all the ways to the one multipolygon

(30 May '12, 00:47) SimonPoole ♦

For an example you could have a look at Lake Nasser.

(27 Apr '13, 16:14) malenki

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