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I'm new to OSM. I'm using for routable roads on my Garmin Dakota 20 GPS, and I have found this anomaly for the Missouri River near the town of Jefferson City, Missouri--where I live.

I've taken some screenshots from Base Camp (Garmin's map management software), to illustrate the anomaly:



If anyone can help me with this, I'd appreciate it.


P.S. Please see the following screenshot, taken of OSM Inspector, for: Error: Invalid Geometry relation #933167 -- This looks like it might have something to do with it:

OSM Inspector Screenshot

asked 29 May '12, 10:51

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I had to look at OSM Inspector for a bit, but I eventually found some red Xs that indicated a self-intersecting way (28996041) that is part of that relation. I've fixed that, so hopefully it'll render correctly in the future. You can check OSMI tomorrow and the error for that relation should be gone, unless there's another error with it!

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answered 29 May '12, 15:29

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Thank you for correcting the data. I appreciate you taking the time and applying your experience to my issue.

As soon as is updated, I will be able to see if the problem is resolved.

Thank you for your assistance, neuhausr. I appreciate it! Oh, and as an aside: Points Given :-)

Best Regards, Stephen Brown/Firefishe

(30 May '12, 02:00) Firefishe

Do you happen to have the Kansas River loaded up in your existing data? If so, could you look and see if there is any of this flooding along it? This is the relation that represents it:

I'm trying to see if the garmin rendering has problems with the way some rivers are mapped.

Also, keep in mind that the data from is not kept constantly up to date. It is refreshed periodically and hasn't been updated since April 1st so any fixes that people have made to the river won't show up until an update is run.

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answered 29 May '12, 20:29

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Thank you for the validation of the update issue with This helps me to understand what I needed to know, relative to that portion of my inquiry.

Now, relative to your query regarding the Kansas River. I downloaded the proper portion from, and installed it to BaseCamp.

I started from the western terminus, and went all the way across to the eastern terminus, then back the other way, at two different detail levels. I detected no trace of rendering the type of "flooding" I experienced near Jefferson City, or in any other way.

(30 May '12, 02:18) Firefishe

In short, the entirety of the Kansas River, relative to and BaseCamp, indicates that it is properly rendered. (This, of course, reflects current data on If OSM/OSMI is showing something more current, then any "flooding," if present as of today (5/29/2012), will not show up, of course, until the data is updated on

I would trust, however, that since I am not finding any flooding or rendering problems with the Kansas River, as indicated, that there will be no problems in the future. One can hope, anyway ;-).

(30 May '12, 02:19) Firefishe

I hope this helps you. Please feel free to drop me an email directly at firefishe AT gmail DOT com if you'd like; I'd be happy to answer any questions you have, as well as doing any experimentation with my Dakota 20 and BaseCamp, as needed.

Oh, and as an aside: Points Given :-) Thanks again!

Best Regards, Stephen Brown/Firefishe

(30 May '12, 02:20) Firefishe

Thanks for looking. That would seem to indicate that the garmin translation/rendering stack does indeed handle large riverbank relations correctly so hopefully it was just the self-intersecting ways that were causing the problems for you. Guess We'll just have to wait for an update and see if it goes away. Or if you're looking for a challenge you can try your hand at using mkgmap to make your own garmin maps from OSM data :)

(06 Jun '12, 16:37) ToeBee

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