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Just been looking at KeepRight and for some reason some of the bus stops are turning up with errors. Could one of the Bus Route types take a quick look to see if there is a issue or is KeepRight wrong?

misspelled tags, node 1327552720 This node is tagged 'local_ref=1200DOY38811' where "0DOY0" looks like "0DOB0"

misspelled tags, node 1327551859 This node is tagged 'local_ref=1200DOA90832' where "0DOA0" looks like "0DOB0"

misspelled tags, node 1328460137 This node is tagged 'local_ref=1200DOX38438' where "0DOX0" looks like "0DOB0"

misspelled tags, node 1327297753 This node is tagged 'local_ref=1200DOZ04860' where "0DOZ0" looks like "0DOB0"

asked 28 May '12, 20:37

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Jack Stringer
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Keepright, while extremely useful, sometimes gets it wrong. It's designed as a tool to allow people to check things that MIGHT BE mistakes, not indicate things which ARE mistakes. For example, here is an example "error" that's clearly not an error at all. In the case of the Weymouth bus stops (as with Grade I and Grade II) it looks like it's had a go a learning likely tag values but hasn't got it right on this occasion.

The same goes for other Keepright issues - for example sometimes, "almost-junctions" might really not be junctions at all (although more often than not they really should be joined).

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answered 28 May '12, 21:03

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Thanks for the response. I am not a bus stop spotter type so was unsure if it was an error by KeepRight or just a genuine mistake.

I use keepright mostly in spelling mistake mode as its a easy way to fix data from typos as I can't always get out to map in the real world.

(28 May '12, 21:08) Jack Stringer

This site http://traveline.info/ will if you create a start and end, look at route, a click on the bus stop and it will reveal the bus stop textable codes.( This is for UK )

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answered 29 May '12, 08:23

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andy mackey
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edited 29 May '12, 09:22

According to this message, that sort of information should be available on http://data.gov.uk/ as well as http://travelinedata.org.uk/. I'd be slightly concerned that the main Traveline site's terms page says "© 2012 Traveline UK - all rights reserved", if in that message the person from Traveline hadn't said "we don't want to suggest there are any additional terms."

(29 May '12, 09:45) SomeoneElse ♦
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