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Hi, place wich i edit in Bosnia and Herzegovina dont have good Bing map,map is blurry.from map is not possible to identify the roads and streets. I try to put some topo map from my place in background and that dont work. Can someone please help me how i can get better map from my place.

asked 28 May '12, 19:11

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Please be aware that you are not allowed to use data from copyrighted maps or any other proprietary data, so if there is no free data available you have to visit the place yourself and register what is actually there. (Which may be a good thing anyway since the quality of free data may vary.)

(28 May '12, 20:08) gnurk

i know that i am not allowed to use data from copyrighted maps. Is Bing map only allowed quallity map? This map which i have is not copyrighted.

(28 May '12, 22:23) axxo

For info, what is the map that you're trying to use?

(28 May '12, 22:45) SomeoneElse ♦

Ljubuski, Bosnia and Herzegovina

(29 May '12, 15:32) axxo

Sorry - I didn't make myself clear. Not "where is it a map of?" but "what map is it?" - who published it and when, etc.?

(29 May '12, 16:53) SomeoneElse ♦

i will get topo maps from local office and they permission to use

(29 May '12, 18:16) axxo

Sorry, that is not enough information to evaluate whether you can use that map material for OSM purposes.

Please tell us in detail what local office is involved? is it part of local authorities or government?

Who is your contact person there, and in which form did he or she agree that you can use their map material for OSM? Do you have permission in a document form, a letter or email?

(31 May '12, 17:27) stephan75

today they told me that local office dont have autors premission

(01 Jun '12, 20:03) axxo
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For all I know, the people in the governments in the region of Ex-Yugoslavia are quite open to data donations in one form or another to OpenStreetMap. You should visit and ask them. If you get not maps but already preprocessed geodata you should go with the Import Guidelines.

Additionally you could browse the wiki for available data sources or even for creating your own aerial imagery like here.

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answered 01 Jun '12, 22:06

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Hi, you can use the PicLayer plugin in case you are using josm.

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answered 07 Jul '12, 11:11

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