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I have tried to tag a pedestrian crossing using the blue coloured tag but does not appear on the main map, help please! (tried more than once)

asked 27 May '12, 16:04

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Burton wanderer
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edited 29 May '12, 08:24

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EdLoach ♦

The wiki page does say "Not rendered by any known renderer" so (assuming the wiki is correct) it looks like the fact that they don't show up is by design.

Basically, it isn't possible for the OSM "standard" map to show everything - there are bound to be some things not rendered. I'm guessing that the reasoning for not showing pedestrian crossings might be that it's a level of detail too far that would clutter the standard map.

The data's still there though, so anyone that wants to create a "pedestrian crossing map" is able to do so.

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answered 28 May '12, 15:30

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SomeoneElse ♦
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As there is a new residential block nearby that houses a fair number wheelchair users it is unfortunate the crossings don't show on the map.

(28 May '12, 17:16) andy mackey

This sort show ok
but will this pedestrian crossing of the sort in your question one show? I have just added one 16-15 hours 27th May 2012 we'll have to wait and see. I have now added traffic lights at the intersection of the second example as it as lights and looks right when rendered ( 0725 29 May 2012)

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answered 27 May '12, 16:22

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andy mackey
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edited 29 May '12, 07:58

That one likes like a "highway=traffic_signals" rather than a "highway=crossing, crossing=traffic_signals" (unless I'm looking at the wrong one, of course)?

(28 May '12, 15:31) SomeoneElse ♦

Checking who as mapped it and knowing that he very knowledgeable and skilled contributor. I think he may have done what he did to get it to render as a light controlled crossing and look right.

(29 May '12, 07:41) andy mackey

Well now we know not to keep trying this, thanks everyone.

(29 May '12, 16:52) Burton wanderer

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