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Is there a way to select just the ways for multiple shapes after dragging the mouse over them by using a filter in JOSM. I'm looking to select multiple buildings so I can orthogonalize them. I can select them all individually then orthogonalize them but if I try to select them all with the mouse, it selects both the ways and nodes. As a result it won't let me orthogonalize them.

asked 25 Oct '10, 00:22

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Select the houses like you described. Then open the search dialog and enter "type:way selected" as your search string.

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answered 25 Oct '10, 00:51

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That just removes everything else but both ways and nodes are still selected.What should be selected - replace, add, remove or find in selection?

(25 Oct '10, 03:33) nmixter

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(25 Oct '10, 22:35) temporalista

There is a good trick to editing only existing ways in JOSM:

  1. Open the "filter" dialogue (filter button on the left bar)
  2. In the "filter" dialogue add a new filter (button +). This will open a search window
  3. Write "type:node" in the search box in the new window and then click "submit filter"
  4. This will filter out all the nodes. You can work moving and editing only whole ways
  5. When you are done, you can bring the nodes back by unchecking the filter in the filter dialogue.

bonus track: explore the other buttons in the filter for "invert" and "hide" the objects.

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answered 25 Oct '10, 14:56

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So when I highlight several different buildings by dragging the mouse over them, the value is different under the properties because the nodes are also selected that are part of the ways. As a result, the buildings can't be orthoganolized all at one time. Isn't there a filter that will remove the nodes from the selected way. If you select multiple building individually by clicking on each one using shift, it will select the buildings and you can orthoganolize multiple buildings at one time that way. type:way selected removes all the other ways that are not selected but doesn't change the nodes that are selected. type:node removes individual nodes but doesn't affect any of the nodes that are connected to and make up the ways.

(21 Nov '10, 21:39) nmixter

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