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I'm a new contributor and I'm so ashamed of myself!

I made some modifications on a map by using Potlatch2 after realizing that Bing Maps showed completely different buildings and sport tracks that those that were on OSM. So I changed them to according to Bing Maps. But... in fact, Bing Maps seemed to use quite old satellite pictures and the old stadium that I changed was in fact perfect. And somebody asked me why I did those modifications one week later.

Of course, I blame myself for doing that and I would be glad to fix my mistake, it's just that I don't know how to cancel my old modifications. I hope it's possible or it would means that anyone could delete a map and nothing could be done to fix it...

Thanks in advance and sorry for my mistake, I take full responsibility of what I did...


asked 27 May '12, 06:33

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Hugues F
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SimonPoole ♦

I don't quite understand what the solution to this problem is. I am in a similar situation now.

I started editing the map at one location, must have "touched" the map there, then I panned 5 miles east and changed the one-way designation on some roads. Now the bounding box for the change area is a very long rectangle. I would like to back-out / discard my edit and start again. Is there a way for me to do this myself using the web-based tools? The changeset is 13712519, by the way. Thanks.

(01 Nov '12, 16:35) ebow

Your changeset only has 3 things in it - adding oneway indicators here and here, and creating and deleting a single node here. Although the changeset bounding box includes the created and then deleted node, there's no net change to the map, so no need to worry about it.

(01 Nov '12, 18:23) SomeoneElse ♦

Good to know, thanks. But... from what I learned poking around, there's no way to undo or delete a particular change. Is that right? You would just have to make a corrective change later?

(01 Nov '12, 18:53) ebow

If you do an "add", then a "save" and then a "delete", then you've already undone the "add". What you can't do is go back in time and pretend that you didn't do the "save" after the "add".

If you do an "add", a "delete" and then a "save" then your transient node will never get added to the server at all. Here is a demonstration of this on the test server**. That test changeset has 2 items in it, but not a third (to the bottom-left of the other two) that I added and deleted before doing a "save".

** I used the test server for this because obviously it's not a good idea for test data to clutter up the live server.

(01 Nov '12, 19:40) SomeoneElse ♦


I am new with OCM and I have a similar problem. I think that I accidentally deleted a polygon this morning but can not really see that in the history. Could anyone have a look at this and let me know how if I effectively deleted a polygon and how to cancel this?

Thank you Francois

(04 Nov '13, 21:32) Siosnarf

Welcome to OSM. The first link (edits) on your profile lists all of the editing you have done and you deleted three ways and a relation in You can use IRC to ask for help restoring them.

(04 Nov '13, 22:13) Wynndale

@Siosnarf - I can restore that relation if you'd like me to (it'll have the effect of re-adding the woodland with the "holes" in it).

(08 Nov '13, 21:04) SomeoneElse ♦
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Edits can be reverted, even the most seasoned mappers make mistakes, so there is nothing to be ashamed of. Reporting the issue, if you can't fix yourself, is the right thing to do.

To be able to repair the damage we need the so called "changeset id" of the edits that need to be reverted. You can find the necessary information on the "History" tab in your OSM account.

In general as long as no further work has been done in the area, it is possible to undo any damage quite painlessly. The longer you wait the worse it may become. It is a good idea if reverting is (currently) outside of your technical abilities (for example you don't edit with JOSM), to either report the issue to the #osm IRC channel, or your local mailing list.

The error you made is, alas, fairly common, it is a really good idea to adhere to the rules collected here:

A further note, while we have permission to trace from Bing aerial imagery, please don't use the regular Bing maps for any input to OSM.

permanent link

answered 27 May '12, 10:48

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SimonPoole ♦
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Indeed, I noticed that Bing aerial imagery is not as reliable as I thought... I'll do what you said as soon as possible.

Thanks again!

p.s. For instance, if the modifications on this page had to be canceled, how do I do that?

(27 May '12, 16:18) Hugues F

You can either use a special script or a JOSM plugin. I don't believe P2 has any such function.

(27 May '12, 16:55) SimonPoole ♦

It's ok, I contacted the guy who did the perfect version, and he said he can put it back, there will be no problem...

Great, no harm done!

Thanks all!

(27 May '12, 17:41) Hugues F

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