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Are there any renderers that will display the Transport relation colours as specified in the tag, instead of making all bus relations red, all subways another colour, etc. ?

Are there are plans to implement and render the colours as specified in transport relations' tags in the OSM main Transport Map view on the homepage?

asked 25 May '12, 02:03

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I'll answer the second part of the question, since I've been asked a few times about it.

There are three issues with supporting route colours:

  • There's currently no support within mapnik for taking line colours from the database. This is the main reason that it's not done at the moment, since without this support I would need to write a separate rule for every possible colour! There is ongoing work on this in mapnik, so perhaps it will be possible in 2014. See #828 and the expr-v2 branch in the code.
  • It's likely to make the map a complete mess of nasty colours! The people who design route diagrams work in isolation from one another, and even within one transport area often choose lurid and clashing colours for the routes.
  • I haven't figured out how to show the colours of overlapping routes in an automated fashion.

Each issue has a solution, namely:

  • Patience, since things seem to be progressing with mapnik!
  • I'm considering approaches to showing the colours beyond just changing the line colour, so that it's useful to viewers without overwhelming them, and also to providing different versions of the transport layer for different sites.
  • This still needs an automated approach figuring out! Yvecai currently creates good results on opensnowmap, but that's by manually choosing the line offsets for every overlapping ski route. With things like buses - there are 14 different routes at my nearest stop - I don't think that this approach is yet a complete solution.
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answered 31 Dec '13, 13:52

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Andy Allan
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  • With Opensnowmap, I also had useful results using markers (small colored rectangles along the ways). Having ways side by side as it is now on Opensnowmap needs manual adjustments. Even with this manual work, some cases are not entirely satisfactory given the ways geometry.
  • Also, I need to decrease the color 'luma' for a nice rendering. For instance, yellow pistes are barely noticeable on a white background without.

Pistes coloring code for opensnowmap can be found here:

(02 Jan '14, 23:44) yvecai

There is AIUI no plan for (Andy Allan's) Transport Map on the front page to do so. Other renderers which show transport information include öpnvkarte and OpenStreetBrowser but I don't believe either of those do.

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answered 25 May '12, 08:53

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I found OSMTransport ( which displays route colors for a limited number of cities.

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answered 30 Dec '13, 17:06

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