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How to mark hiking tracks or routes according to signs and descriptions in the field ? In order to avoid a congestion like airplane routes around a airfield, a unreadable set of lines ? I'm a hiker and do have a library of books an routes, but at the end they all come together at fi a station or P&R. Not to mention the routes in GPS coordinates as they are available out there on the internet.

asked 24 May '12, 09:42

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If 10 hiking routes start or end at one place, there will usually not be 10 paths on the ground - only one or two, and the routes will share the existing paths. We model it in OpenStreetMap just like that - using route relations (see Walking Routes on the wiki).

That said, neither your "library of books and routes" nor the "routes in GPS coordinates out there on the Internet" are likely to be acceptable sources for OpenStreetMap, as the information in those books and tracks is likely copyrighted. Once you have walked a route yourself you can of course upload the information you gathered, but you can't just take published information and enter that into OSM without the author's consent.

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answered 24 May '12, 09:58

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Maybe a "worked example" would help?

When walking here I noticed signs that said that the east-west path formed part of the Macmillan Way long-distance path, so I want to add it to that relation.

If there were any nearby relations, I'd click on the path in Potlatch, click "advanced" and then click "Add To" at the bottom. Unfortunately, there are no relations nearby, so I'm going to have to find out the relation to use by some other method. If I search the wiki for Macmillan Way I find this page for UK long-distance paths (I'd expect other countries to do something similar)**. That tells me that the relation to use is 1149730, and like with any other OSM browse page I can click a link to view the relation on a larger map. Now that I know the relation number I can go to Potlatch and click "Load Relation" on the "Select Relation" screen that was empty, and enter 1149730. The way has now been added to the relation (it appears in "advanced" in the "relations" list. Then I'll save and close the changeset (it's 11691362 for info) and that's it!

Although the standard OSM map won't look any different, any map that displays walking routes (such as this one) will now be able to display it correctly. One thing that it's perhaps worth mentioning that I've not done - I've not added the name "Macmillan Way" to the existing footpath. Just because a path or road is part of a route doesn't mean that it is called the same name as the route (many roads have their own name; many paths are part of several routes).

** I've not done it yet, but when I've finished mapping that section (including stiles, gates and surface information) I'll update the wiki page too.

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answered 24 May '12, 17:55

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In addition to what Frederik said a single footpath can be part of several routes. There is a facility to add it to various walking routes in the potlach2 editor once you have highlighted the path and clicked on the walking man symbol. I have not used it myself,but hopefully more info on the procedure will come via your question, and enlighten us both. however it may not be usable for lots of smaller routes all over the same path.

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answered 24 May '12, 15:48

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andy mackey
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Thanks guys, Theres been a inventarisation of all walking routes in the regio Utrecht, but also in the regio Zuid Holland. The inspection was partwise based on memory, local knowledge and descriptions. The final fase is a mapping with all the routes. Im a hiker for 30 years and walked almost everywhere. Some of the older tracks will have to be seen or inspected, Ill need a lot of time. And keep my eyes to my own region. And Im not goiing to roam around for GPS tracks, there should be numerous. Ill watch all the comments in the Wiki.

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answered 26 May '12, 23:24

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