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...while from the other end the street can be entered by all vehicles.

asked 12 Jul '10, 15:54

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In most cases where the entrance is in a junction relation:restriction should work straight away: (restriction=no_left_turn/no_right_turn, except=psv;bicycle, type=restriction, from=*, to=*, via=*)

In case the entrance is in the middle of straight street you'd probably need to split the way in two and use restriction=no_straight_on

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answered 17 Jul '10, 11:34

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Roads should only be labelled onway=yes if they really are oneway streets. Some streets can have a restricted entry at one end, but once on the road traffic can travel in either direction. The entry restriction is to prevent traffic taking short cuts, especially through residential streets.

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answered 12 Jul '10, 20:03

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I would suggest to use oneway=yes, cycleway=opposite_lane, psv=opposite_lane

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answered 12 Jul '10, 16:13

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Using transport mode keys, such as psv=*, for lane information prevents adding the actual access value (such as designated, yes, permissive, private, ...) for both the forward and backward directions.

Note that cycleway=* isn't a transport mode - that would be bicycle=* -, so psv=opposite_lane is not a logical extension of the widely used cycleway=opposite_lane.

(12 Jul '10, 18:59) Tordanik

Using the proposed syntax for conditional tags, this can be expressed as

oneway = yes
oneway:bicycle = no
oneway:psv = no

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answered 12 Jul '10, 18:30

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