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I made some modification on the map (new streets have been added, etc). So now, my changes applied on the rendered (online) maps.

However web based engines (like or route as if there would be the old data in the database, even if they render the map based on the new, modified data.

It's interesting though, that for example automatically finds the nearest POI even if it was added quite recently (by dragging the pointer, the text box value automatically updated).

Are those services refresh the data sometimes? Or how does it work?


asked 21 May '12, 16:07

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By surfing around each page you can find the date of data and sometimes even the time of next update. has data age information on upper right corner and on the bottom of page.

Usually rendering data is fresher than routing data as it is easier to update.

You can also take a look at the list of other online routers.

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answered 21 May '12, 17:44

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Well, thank you for the info. I did not noticed it before.

On the other hand this doesn't seem so frequent :-( (at least for the mentioned sites).


(21 May '12, 18:43) sza2

Software behind is free & open so if you are only interested in a part of the world it would be possible for you to download an OSM extract daily and run your own rendering site.

(21 May '12, 19:24) Frederik Ramm ♦

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