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Hi i am developing an android application. There i am using openstreetmap api to get the locations data to show in my application. It is worked well in past but not working now. I tried to get server response in browser and i got the message "Http/1.1 Service Unavailable". I dont know whats happened. I am using the api link is below[amenity=hospital][bbox=lat1,lan1,lat2,lan2]

Please suggest me whats happened. I thought it is the problem of openstreetmap server.If it is server problem how can i use it in my application. There is any alternative for that service.

Thanks in advance

asked 17 May '12, 13:39

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Roland Olbricht

I also had issues with the existing J/XAPI providers, that's why I run my private Overpass API (it is quite easy to install and fast to run). You can check my question her:

(18 May '12, 10:59) ivanatora

You can use Overpass API instead. Just try instead[amenity=hospital][bbox=lon1,lat1,lon2,lat2]

Please note that the order is (on both services) "lon, then lat". For example[amenity=hospital][bbox=7.0,50.6,7.3,50.8]

gives all hospitals around my home (Bonn, Germany, roughly 50.6 north, 7.1 east). If you need meta data, use[amenity=hospital][bbox=7.0,50.6,7.3,50.8][@meta]


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answered 18 May '12, 11:55

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Roland Olbricht
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I think this was because the service is unavailable. Here are some alternatives. But I recon the mapquestapi will be back, otherwise you can contact the people at mapquest.

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answered 17 May '12, 19:14

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I'm not sure how distinct the "open" mapquest people are from the "other" ones, but also suggests as a contact email.

(18 May '12, 10:10) SomeoneElse ♦

I have same problem with you. IMHO the server under maintenance. I have got this problem since last week.

And thank you you for give me another alternate API ini[amenity=hospital]

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answered 19 May '12, 02:40

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Hi @FarizRamadhan the alternative service is working for me better. But is there any limitations to use the api service. And can we get result every time or it is also fall down with server down problem?

(21 May '12, 11:10) Purpletalk

I test it in my own application. Yes , I agree with you there any limitation to use the api service in

I can't get the image view / get map in so I test get map in open.streetmap and it's still working well. I check and than you can see just 'XAPI server being down'. My conclution is we can still get another service in open.streetmap but not for xapi now..

(21 May '12, 12:25) FarizRamadhan

So no problem with this service? Can we use it in client applications or will it create any internal problem in feature? I am in confusion to use it in my application.

(21 May '12, 13:48) Purpletalk

The problem just on 'XAPI Service'. I think there no problem in another service.

(21 May '12, 14:06) FarizRamadhan

Thank you @FarizRamadhan

(22 May '12, 06:12) Purpletalk

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