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I need a GPS for driving around in France. I have an Android phone with GPS (HTC Thunderbolt) but will not have phone or Internet service in Europe. Will OSM work as a GPS-only map on my Android? Does OSM have street maps of France (Marseille, Lyon, etc.). Thanks! JL

asked 15 May '12, 21:44

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You can find a list of programs and features for Android phones on the wiki. I use OsmAnd+ that allows you to download vector maps over every region in France.

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answered 15 May '12, 22:31

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And to check what data are available in Marseille, Lyon, etc.., go to the main site and use the slippy map to see how far streets are detailled (basically, I can tell you that cities and towns are all very well mapped in France but it is much more variable in country side).

(16 May '12, 09:09) Pieren

OruxMaps works well and will show your position on openstreetmap and its free and will cache the map although the routing is only as good as the map.It will take a lot of time and memory space to cache it so is best for smaller areas.

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answered 19 May '12, 16:00

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You can create one easily. Try the following steps: 1) Get the france.osm.bz2 from 2) Install osmosis tool 3) Run the mapsforge file-writer plugin on the france osm file. This will create a vector map file 4) Install Advanced mapsforge APK viewer (download from 5) Copy the france vector map file to the mobile device for offline use. Use the advanced map viewer to open the vector map file.

  • ananth
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answered 16 May '12, 13:06

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Quite new is also the app "Mapfactor Navigator free" ... available via

It uses vector maps as well, and in some points it has a better address search function than OsmAnd.

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answered 18 May '12, 17:06

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This answer is probably too late but yes, for all reasonably-sized cities in France the map is perfectly detailed.

(In small villages OTOH you may find yourself with only the main streets, and not capable to find a "remote address" other than around village center.)

I have the experience of using OSM mapping on a Garmin (for turn-by-turn guidance) and it definitely works perfectly well here.

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answered 05 Jun '12, 21:57

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