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In Chrome i can modify a route by dragging & dropping the yellow via point arrows. In Firefox that is impossible. Instead the map is moved. Firefox version is 9.0.1 .

asked 14 May '12, 15:11

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Which website are you using?

(14 May '12, 15:33) SomeoneElse ♦

Firefox 9.0.1 is deprecated. Have you tried with a current version? (at the moment Firefox 12.0)

Has it worked for you with previous Firefox versions?

(14 May '12, 15:39) gnurk

@SomeoneElse: I am using .

@gnurk: I know Firefox has arrived at v12. But it always takes several months until all my plugins support that version of Firefox. I have not tried with earlier versions of Firefox. What do you mean by 9.0.1 is deprecated? Does openstreetmap maintain a list of browser versions which are supported versus not anymore supported?

(14 May '12, 22:15) pps

Firefox 9.0.1 has been declared deprecated by Mozilla because it contains multiple vulnerabilities that can be used to run attacker code and install software, requiring no user interaction beyond normal browsing.

There are approximately 1000 bug fixes in each new Firefox version, so if a problem depends on Firefox not accurately honor web standards there are chances that the problem may have been fixed in a later version.

I've tried with both Firefox 12.0 and Firefox 15a1 and I'm able to move the viapoint if I first press "remove Viapoint". Huh!

(14 May '12, 22:50) gnurk

Openrouteservice is just one of many sites that use OpenStreetMap data. It's not designed, built or maintained by the same people who look after - I suggest that you ask them about your problem via their contact page.

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answered 14 May '12, 22:25

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