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The OSM mappers in Ecuador are looking for a country-specific mailing list. How can we request a talk-ec list?

We've found this instructions in the wiki:

If you want a new list for your country or language, send email to Michael Collinson, michael at osmfoundation dot org

But we have not received any reply after some months.

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asked 22 Oct '10, 10:49

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For the records: Other options have been discussed among the most active users:

  • Join the talk-es list.

  • Keep the discussions in the wiki.

  • Open a "unofficial" list at another server until get the official one.

After de discussions, users have voted for a talk-ec list.

(22 Oct '10, 10:53) temporalista

Mike has been quite busy lately, sometimes he misses things, just politely poke him again.

If you don't come right in a week or two contact me directly I'll get it sorted.

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answered 23 Oct '10, 00:13

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It's done! talk-ec has been created

Thanks Firefishy for your help and support. I think we should keep the question here for further reference.

(25 Oct '10, 20:21) temporalista
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