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Hi, we have a lot of speed bumps and tables in my area. Quite often the planners have combined speed tables with pedestrian crossings due to the convenient width, and the added traffic calming effect making crossing safer there.

Pedestrian crossing and speed tables are two different nodes. Is it possible to combine the two uses, or a tag for one that will indicate the other?

asked 12 May '12, 04:58

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I see from your edit history that you are using Potlatch 2 as your editor.

You will need to add one of the nodes as you do at present, select it, switch to advanced mode, and add the other tag manually.

The two tags are traffic_calming=table and highway=crossing in combination with some other tags, which means it would be easiest to add the crossing first and add the single tag in advanced mode - you will see when you switch to advanced mode the table of tags with the key in the first column (the bit before the =) and the value in the second.

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answered 12 May '12, 08:08

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Thanks, if that's not a conflict of map features then that's what I will do. Thanks for the feedback.

(12 May '12, 09:33) KTyler

I would say yes... Or is anybody opposing my opinion? You can put the tags on one single node:

highway=crossing and traffic_calming=table on one node does not make any conflict, and if they are really on the same spot, why not?

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answered 12 May '12, 08:08

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