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The texts of the site are unreadable

asked 06 May '12, 21:34

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edited 08 May '12, 17:40

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A bit of information would help here. Which site are you talking about - perhaps the map displayed on or Perhaps some other map created using OSM data? Perhaps some other part of an OSM site?

Also, what device are you using to view "the site" - is it a PC with a web browser, some sort of mobile device (such as a phone) or something else?

(06 May '12, 23:11) SomeoneElse ♦ is having this problem on my PC

The zoom function is not the problem for images. The text remains extremely small (unreadable)

(08 May '12, 08:26) prehistorisch

What PC do you use, and which browser (which version)?

(09 May '12, 14:12) sleske

Nearly all web browsers can zoom both text and image. Just use your browser´s zoom function ?

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answered 07 May '12, 11:20

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Vincent de P... ♦
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On my PC, viewing the standard map on, if I use "control +" and "control -" it zooms in and out just as you'd expect. As you press "control +", both the text (i.e. "OpenStreetMap The Free Wiki World Map" at the left) and the images (the draggable map to the right) get bigger.

This is with Firefox 3.6 - maybe with an even older web browser you wouldn't see the images zoom as well as the text?

(08 May '12, 10:46) SomeoneElse ♦

Agree that the map text is too small.

Desktop computer, Win7, Firefox 12, 24" 16:10 LCD monitor at the monitor's default 1920x1200 resolution.

The map text is around 5 point at the map's default zoom (5 steps below maximum). At the map's maximum zoom level, the text is slightly larger, but it's still too small to make out some characters, and only readable at all by moving closer to the screen and squinting. Perhaps someone younger would find it easier to read, but not everyone is in their twenties.

The Firefox "Zoom all" works, but since it does zoom everything, it also considerably reduces the amount of the map that can be displayed on a single screen. "Text zoom" zooms the left column (containing the "Help Center", "Documentation", etc. menu) and the top menu ("View", "Edit", etc.), but does not affect the size of the text within the map itself.

Changing the font size in the Firefox options has no effect on the size of the map text.

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answered 12 May '12, 20:18

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The last answer helpt me dealing with the problem: the firefox zoomfuntion restorend the text size of the website itself and the textzoom enlardged the texts of the maps.



(13 May '12, 10:38) prehistorisch

Text is too small for mobile devices too. And in fact, several mobile apps use Mapnik tiles. A very little bit bigger would radically improve readability.

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answered 13 May '12, 13:44

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