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I am interested in downloading tracks from my Garmin oregon 450 TO OSM but hvent the slightest idea how to start, I go geocaching and would like to add the paths to OSM, help please.

asked 05 May '12, 20:18

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Burton wanderer
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What operating system do you have installed on your PC?

(05 May '12, 21:21) SomeoneElse ♦

windows 7 thanks.

(07 May '12, 15:22) Burton wanderer

Thanks again everyone, will go at it slowly.

(07 May '12, 15:26) Burton wanderer

  1. Oregon Series Owner's Manual page 38 (page 44 of the pdf file).
  2. After copying the files named .gpx to your computer follow the upload-howto.
  3. For adding the ways (paths) itself to the OpenStreetMap you should follow this guide.
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answered 05 May '12, 21:10

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In addition to malenki's good answer I would like to add: To activate tracking you need to go to Setup>Tracks>Track Log and change it to any of the "Record" alternatives. Then I would recommend you to set:

Record Method: Time

Interval: 00:00:01

Auto Archive: When Full

And every time you start out, go to Track Manager>Current Track>Clear Current Track

(05 May '12, 21:36) TheOddOne2

My Garmin is set to

Record Method: Distance Interval: 00.00km

Thus you can avoid clouds at the logfile.

(06 May '12, 00:33) malenki

There are a couple of possible answers to this question - what follows is probably the simplest** and most generally applicable way if you've never connected your GPS to a PC before. There's a bit of guesswork involved (I don't have a Garmin Oregon, but a couple of different ones).

You'll need a USB cable. It looks like Oregon uses a standard "mini USB" cable - (a) one probably came with your GPS and (b) even if not you've probably got lots of them around.

On a Garmin eTrex, you'd probably have a setup option called "Interface" and within there be able to select "USB Mass Storage" mode. On a Garmin Nuvi (and I'd expect on an Oregon) you don't have to do that - it should appear as a removable disk on your PC (after a short delay).

As an example, on my (Windows 7 64-bit) PC my eTrex appears as "Removable Disk (D:)" and my Nuvi as "Garmin nuvi (D:)".

If I open that drive for the eTrex I see a series of files ending in ".gpx". There's one of these created per day. You can upload from there directly to OSM.

If I open that drive for the Nuvi, I've got a "D:GarminGPX" folder. In there is a "Current.gpx" (which is today's) and a folder called "Archive", which contains number ".gpx" files, one per day, that can be uploaded to OSM.

**other options which may or may not work for you involve installing the software that came with the GPS and using that to fetch GPX traces from the device, or using software such as GPSBabel to fetch them.

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answered 05 May '12, 21:42

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