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On extracting a town using the appropriate query form, a get the following error message Error: runtime error: open64: 111 /opt/osm-3s/v0.6.98//osm3s_v0.6.98_osm_base Dispatcher_Client::3 I had done previouslu without any trouble... In fact, I had carried out a slight modification on the opentreetmap before launching the query aim of which was precisely to get a corrected file

I tried one hour later and the problem had disappeared...I could download an osm.file in the usual way....

asked 05 May '12, 08:55

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Yes, the server was down due to a software error from yesterday about 20h30 until this morning 08h00. It is now back to normal operation.

In detail, an unusal race condition has made the database management system crash. I think I have repaired it, but process syncronisation is really a delicat issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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answered 05 May '12, 14:09

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Roland Olbricht
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Frederik Ramm ♦

It would be useful

  • to know where did you put that query?
  • maybe to ask the people running the service you put your query at. If there is an error I am sure they'd like to know about it.
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answered 05 May '12, 10:21

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I did my best to qualify error I met, but maybe not enough : By the way, my query was merely to extract an Openstreetmap map for a given city, on the usual way and as Roland Olbricht kindly explains, in the meantime, he repaired the database (I just asked my query one hour before everything come back to normal)

(05 May '12, 19:12) michous

What you didn't say was what server you sent your query to - there are several that it could plausibly have been (OSM API, OSM JXAPI, OSM Nominatim, MQ JXAPI, MQ Nominatim) as well as Overpass (which I'm guessing was the issue as Roland has replied).

(05 May '12, 21:07) SomeoneElse ♦

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