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I went to openstreetmap and homed in on the area of interest, but did not see any obvious way to print the result, so I did a screen capture and printed it. It was extremely faded out, almost unreeadable. So I opened the capture in irfanview and tried to increase the contrast and gamma, but the printout was only slightly better. How do you print out a map with usable contrast? (I am using a mono laser printer).

asked 03 May '12, 19:21

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I also tried "print" directly in the browser, it was almost just a gray sheet of paper. Surely I am not the first person with this problem. Secondary question: I am trying to aim my tv antenna toward the transmitter, and need to find the angle off due north. I will use the faded out print I have, but are there any online tools that can produce such information? (Note: SIMPLE TO USE, NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED)

(03 May '12, 19:41) STMRadio

You can use MapOSMatic to generate the map - they have different styles you can choose from, including a style suitable for printing.

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answered 04 May '12, 08:16

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Also have a look at OSM_on_Paper to find out how to print OSM based maps in different ways and even layouts.

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answered 04 May '12, 19:33

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I would suggest you export your area to SVG and then print it. (You might need a plugin if you wish to use Ifranview, but you can print it from your browser).

To export to SVG:

  • Zoom in to your area of interest
  • Click "Export" in the upper taskbar
  • Select the "Map Image (shows standard layer)"-option
  • Change the "Format" to SVG
  • Click "Export" and you'll get a file
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answered 03 May '12, 20:25

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