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How can I export a line drawn on a google map and convert it for general use or OSB. Technicaly these are only a series of geocoördinates (trackdata). Now I have to export a OSB map and manualy handdrawn the lines on the map. If there are to few reference points on the OSB maps, as in the countrysite this is a big problem. Is there some handy way to do this?


The lines are ex-vicinal railwaylines whose route I have extensively researched, with old maps, google earth etc.

asked 20 Oct '10, 14:36

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Some clarifications you could make in your question. What does OSB stand for in this context? I may be being stupid, but to me that means OpenStreetBugs.

What is your intended use? It sort of seems like you are talking about contributing data to the OpenStreetMap database (which is not allowed for legal reasons), but this isn't entirely clear, and other uses may be allowed.

(21 Oct '10, 15:54) Harry Wood

You are rigth, I meant OSM.

Intended use is wikipedia. I now use external links in the article. zie (section= Andere lijnen die deel uitmaken van het nationaal net) To replace these links with license free maps is a lot of work and is inflexible. You need to store the route independantly from the background map. The problem is that the wiki community is dependant of google and the owner (me) of the map.

(21 Oct '10, 22:18) smiley toerist

Sorry but I don't think you would be allowed to do this. If you drew the line using Google Maps or Google Earth then you have used their intellectual property to position it correctly.

You cannot then put the work under CC-by-SA as it is based on Google's maps and geopositioning.

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answered 20 Oct '10, 16:29

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On the legal issue: I think the route I draw is my work and property. It is my research. However any printout or other use of the routemap together with the googlemap is restricted. The use of a google tool to make an object is not restricted. If this is the case all documents made with microsoft Word would be licensed to Microsoft! The geografic information is free. Any geografic coordinates noted in the google standard is used everywhere. In principle I see no difference between a list of coordinates made during a walk and a list of coordinates extracted from a google map or any other map.

(21 Oct '10, 22:19) smiley toerist

You might not see a difference and it might be hard to prove that the list of coordinates is derived from google maps instead of a walk with a GPS unit, but due to the Terms of Service of google maps you can't use the data (at least in europe). This restriction on geodata and that popular maps like google maps (and OS) are free as in beer not free as in speach are really the whole reason why OpenStreetMap was started! So don't use any Google derived data in OpenStreetMap.

(22 Oct '10, 08:01) petschge

It may be your work and your research but if you position those lines using the information on the Google Map then you have derived from their work and you cannot submit it to OSM.

(22 Oct '10, 23:44) GrahamS

You absolutely must not do this. Your work will be deleted from OSM if you do.

Please see the FAQ entry.

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answered 23 Oct '10, 18:05

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The streetpatterns on the maps will look the the same on every map. What is copyrigthed is how the information is rendered. For example an Michelin map.

I suspect the legal issue is not copyrigth, but the use of data. You can use any individual telefoonnumber out of the telefoonbook, but you are not allowed to copy the whole book or sort it by telefoonnumber.

Back to the issue: Is there any way or format to store a list of geografic coordinates (route) and project it on a map such as OSM? Such an object exist of course in a OSM editor, but can it be externalized or exported? My idea is to store such an object in wiki commons and then to project it on any desired map. Any image location out of the wiki commons can now be projected on any desired maps. Why not a route?

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answered 21 Oct '10, 22:21

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Sorry this is not correct. Google own their map. It is their Intellectual Property. Not just the rendering, but the map information itself. You cannot use a Google Map to position your lines and then claim that they are CC-by-SA.

(22 Oct '10, 23:42) GrahamS

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