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why do I get dozens of layers with large alphabetical letters when I export an svg file ... and how do I get rid of them (I use Illustrator)?

asked 26 Apr '12, 12:31

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Type "Illustrator" in the search box above and see what you find. The SVG you get from the Export tab is not AI friendly. You will have more success if you grab a copy of the Maperitive software, download the data from OSM and then generate SVG from that. You will find Maperitive mentioned in some of the answers.

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answered 28 Apr '12, 20:52

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Your information about details how you have generated your SVG file and about the concrete errors in Illustrator is quite poor!

So I cannot give you a concrete hint ...

But you can try other possibilities to work with SVG from OSM data according to the OSM wiki, see SVG

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answered 26 Apr '12, 15:22

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OK, sorry to be vague, but I'm not sure what to tell you: standard OSM selection from base map; make selection of image for image export; I put the received .svg download into Illustrator, which generates lots of layers, most of which are labelled with alphanumeric denominations and render as that – on a very large, obliterative scale. I try and select, delete etc and get nowhere...very weird and life threatening. I have noticed that someone called StepMap (in Germany) has set up a way to address OSM and get a download Illustrator can handle – or so they say, but they haven't responded to mails so far. However, I still don't understand what the issue is.... Someone out there must have come across this.

(26 Apr '12, 17:38) kallah

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