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(Patience please, noob question......!)

I've just started using JOSM and have made some additions and modifications to my home town's mapping; I've previously used OSM Potlatch but this is my first time trying JOSM. But JOSM is not accepting my valid OSM username & password (the same U&P I've just used to sign up to this forum) when I try to upload the changes. I've tried the basic (keep getting a 'Authenticating at the OSM API failed' message) and the OAuth authorisation but no go no matter if I try full automatic or semi-automatic.

Any ideas? Am I making a basic mistake some where?

Thanks for any help.


asked 24 Apr '12, 13:19

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Are you behind some kind of Proxy or Firewall? In order to narrow the problem down, you could try at a different place and at a different computer.

(25 Apr '12, 08:58) bastik

Thanks for the reply bastik. I'm accessing the net via a mobile 3G network, could that be causing the problem? I've no other problems using this network when downloading (torrenting etc) or uploading (Dropbox) so not sure what could be specific with JOSM. Any ideas greatly appreciated as I'd like to get this working as I'd like to get proficient with JOSM. jk

(25 Apr '12, 10:02) jkforde

Ok, I have no idea. But you could try Merkaator, to see if it's a JOSM problem or a problem with the network, credentials, etc.

(25 Apr '12, 12:39) bastik

Verify that you really enter the correct name/password with the correct casing (user name and password are both case sensitive). Also avoid to use the clipboard (copy/paste) from somewhere else. Sometimes, it is introducing a leading or trailing space (problem already seen a long time ago).

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answered 25 Apr '12, 15:14

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Thanks Pieren, I've double checked my username & password and they're correct and in the correct case. I'm going to use Potlatch2 instead as it accepts my login and is successfully accepting my contributions. I may give Merkaator a go in the future as bastik suggests above but for now I'm just happy to be contributing... :)

(26 Apr '12, 08:52) jkforde

Another possibility is that JOSM is not pointing to the right OSM server. Check the doc and verify that the API URL is the default OSM server and not the developer server

(26 Apr '12, 09:04) Pieren

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