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After reading this Question how-do-i-map-regular-buildings and finding that the Bing looks ok I would like to know why it will only magnify to the level it does. I am sure a higher even though fuzzy image would be of use. place in Question

asked 22 Apr '12, 15:05

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andy mackey
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aseerel4c26 ♦

I suspect that this question is actually about Potlatch2, not Bing imagery.

In P2, if you edit the link provided at zoom level 18, you don't get any Bing imagery, whereas you do at zoom level 17.

Compare this with JOSM, where if you zoom in although there is a "no tiles at this zoom level" message, the previous level's tiles are magnified:

screenshot of JOSM showing pixilation effect

A quick search of trac doesn't find a matching enhancement request for it, but that's probably where it's best logged (as an enhancement against component Potlatch2, with a relatively low priority, as nothing's actually broken).

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answered 23 Apr '12, 13:12

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Exactly right. I would say, though, that I'm not aware of any intention by developers to address this in P2 (though I've been proved wrong before!), and certainly as the maintainer it's not something I'm planning to work on. Other imagery providers, such as MapQuest Open Aerial and indeed much OSM-hosted imagery, offer serverside scaling. As Vincent de P says, in many areas Bing are commissioning new high-res imagery anyway.

(23 Apr '12, 14:32) Richard ♦

So how is this zoom limit set? 22 works in Cambs uk but not in Pouance France even though the latter's image works at 22 in JOSM ok. is it too much for system to cope with?

(23 Apr '12, 15:59) andy mackey

JOSM appears to do automatic scaling (presumably client-side) - I suspect it tries to get imagery at zoom 17, fails, but then says "aha! I'll use the imagery that I have at zoom 16 and just make it bigger". It's not a "limit" as such, just a feature that no-one's added yet (and, from Richard's comment, no-one's planning to).

Bing Zoom 22 imagery exists for high-tech-central in England but not for rural France because they're following the money - see vincent-de-phily's links in the other answer.

(23 Apr '12, 16:29) SomeoneElse ♦

Thanks that's clearer now

(23 Apr '12, 16:37) andy mackey

Yes, JOSM does client-side scaling, P2 doesn't.

(23 Apr '12, 18:16) Richard ♦

Getting good highres images costs money and time, so different areas get different level of details depending essentially on their economical interest. The good new is that Bing has ambitious plans to improve coverage and that DigitalGlobe (who provides images to Bing) is getting there.

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answered 23 Apr '12, 12:20

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