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Hi guys! The long Hebrew names are rendered incorrectly.

Example: "Some long name" Usually break as: "long name Some"

(Arabic and Persian probably suffer from the same bug as well)

How can we fix that?

Kind regards, Yaron Shahrabani.

asked 19 Apr '12, 09:11

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Can you post a permalink (using the button at the bottom-right of the map) to an example, so that we can look at the actual data?

(19 Apr '12, 11:45) SomeoneElse ♦

I'll explain, at the top you can see the name "Akhihud Forest" (יער אחיהוד) which is too long for a label. To the right there's "Misgav Regional Council" (מועצה אזורית משגב) again, too long...

They both appear the same: Forest Akhihud

Council Regional Misgav (Opposite order)

As opposed to "Gilon Forest" (יער גילון) which is short enough to fit in a single line of a label thus displayed correctly.

Anything else you'd like me to explain?

(19 Apr '12, 12:18) Yaron

Thank you very much! This is exactly it!

As time goes by we really start looking for Waze alternatives and we all have to make sure this tool will be ready when Israelis will start ditching it...

Kind regards, Yaron Shahrabani.

(20 Apr '12, 07:01) Yaron

If I understand you the problem is that יער אחיהוד gets rendered as


and not as


This is a known bug that is resurfecing and will soon be fixed.

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answered 19 Apr '12, 13:05

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I face the same problem . ( in hebrew )

And wanted to point out that is that the words order can be seen not o.k when there are sevral words one below the other ( i saw this on a suberb name or forest name)

Order of words can be seen o.k when words are one next to each other. ( i saw this on city names , junction names , or other poi i have noticed (including forest names).

So users please add things that are not o.k if i missed somthing ...

I hope this concludes the types that are not o.k .

What causes the words to align on top of another instead one next to each other ... i dont know yet.

(even if its only two words... they can be seen aligned each way. And also more then 2 words seen aligned in each way)

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answered 12 May '12, 10:58

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edited 12 May '12, 11:39

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