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I downloaded a US State extract from CloudMade, imported into Nominatim, and found that house numbers are not recognized.

I don't understand why I am getting completely different results than

Would I get better results from a full planet OSM file? I kind of have cold feet with the experience so far from this small extract.


asked 19 Apr '12, 00:11

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My table location_property_tiger is empty, could that have anything to do with not finding house numbers? Where would that source data come from?

(19 Apr '12, 20:52) Norm1

Maybe we need some testcases to see where the problem is.

And perhabs you can ask ... she seems to be involved in some way to Nominatim.

(20 Apr '12, 13:16) stephan75

Thank you, I will reach out to lonvia.

On a side note, is anyone here running a copy of Nominatim? Is your table location_property_tiger empty?

I scoured through the source code of OSM and Nominatim and I don't see anything that is responsible for populating data for that table.

(23 Apr '12, 13:59) Norm1

In the US, the OSM instance of Nominatim uses TIGER address data to complement the still sparse OSM house number data. You can add TIGER data to your own Nominatim instance by following these steps:

  1. Get the TIGER 2012 data. You will need the EDGES files.
  2. Extract the relevant data: ./utils/imports.php --parse-tiger-2011 <tiger directory>
  3. Import the data into your Nominatim database: ./utils/setup.php --import-tiger-data

Be warned that the import can take a very long time, especially if you are importing all of the US.

Note: answer updated for TIGER 2012 data.

permanent link

answered 23 Apr '12, 19:36

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Cheers, lonvia. Your instructions were spot on!

(24 Apr '12, 14:35) Norm1

Hello, I'm having this problem when I try to import tiger data by following the steps you mention. I've downloaded the edges from here The command I use is ./utils/imports.php --parse-tiger-2011 EDGES/ I get the output of this sort: File "/Nominatim/utils/", line 50, in <module> import ogr ImportError: No module named ogr Failed parse (/root/tiger/ Any help you could give will be extremely appreciated!

(24 Aug '12, 09:04) silviu_

You need the GDAL package for python. In Ubuntu install it with sudo apt-get install python-gdal.

(25 Aug '12, 13:09) lonvia

I am running this command ./utils/imports.php --parse-tiger-2011 /osm/tiger_data/ but the process does not start and no output even.

(27 Aug '13, 10:37) mezbaur

Looks like the changes for the 2012 and 2013 editions haven't made it into the release yet. You need the import script from the latest git version. It is safe to simply clone the latest version temporarily and run the TIGER import from there.

(27 Aug '13, 19:12) lonvia

@mezbaur I needed to put the edge zip file(s) in their own directory and pass that directory in as the argument. Hope that helps. Also you can get a specific county's EDGEs by going here Select "All Lines" from the drop down. Then choose the state/county.

Also note that this process took up a bunch of ram.

I imported it and it still seems to not be working

(14 May '14, 23:38) drewlesueur
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