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Hello all I'm trying to draw some meadow areas around my village...

the thing is should I intersect the "area" points with the "ways" points to avoid the gap areas between the way and the buildings/nature areas?

asked 18 Apr '12, 10:42

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You should glue areas together if one phisicaly start where the other stops (say, a forest adjoining a meadow), but you shouldn't glue an osm area on the side of an osm way, such a a highway (if you did that, you would be describing a field which goes all the way to the middle of the road, which is false).

Concerning buildings and some other types of areas, people usually dont bother making a "hole" in the enclosing area : they just put a big simple "meadow" area and a "building" area inside it.

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answered 18 Apr '12, 12:49

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Vincent de P... ♦
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that's exactly my problem! From what I can assume seeing your answer is that the osm way (on the editor) indicates the middle of the road and according to is type it will be rendered by OSM with an specific width thus placing the "holes" between the road and the meadow, forest , building... and I shouldn't really be bother by that...In my view the rendering is worst if it was only a blank area there no building no nothing....

(18 Apr '12, 13:56) rsbarbosa

That's it, don't worry about the rendering; correct data is more important. Related to't_tag_for_the_renderer

One thing you can do is specify width=* on the highway. Mapnik doesn't yet take it into account, but I'm confident someday it will, improving the rendering.

(18 Apr '12, 16:48) Vincent de P... ♦

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