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Goal: direct user to potlatch where they specify a closed path. Then get the points of that closed path for later use. User will not know much about OSM. This is being driven from a phone, so I want a web solution.

Interactively, I can accomplish this by creating the path; saving it; going to history; getting my changeset id and then use<changesetid>.

It feels like I need to setup my own potlatch server and modify it so I can pass a location and a changeset description in; then I can get changesets within a bounding box and look for my description.

Question: Am I using the right tool. Is there a better way.

Edit: Yes, I want to see the points. Here is a sample application: I want to have a phone scavenger hunt. The user is going to draw out the field/pitch/playspace on their phone; then I am going to scatter (electronically, not physically) prizes, clues or what not inside that field. Then they walk around and collect the prizes. I have the location of the phone and all my created items; I am looking for a way to allow a user to fence-in the application. I could do this on the phone; but I would rather do it on the web as the boundary they create could well be shared/re-used. (via OSM) Is that better?

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Could you explain what you mean by "Then get the points of that closed path for later use". Is that for editing ? If not, do you just need the list of nodes for a special rendering on your phone app ? Edit and enhance your question, please. If it is not for editing, Potlach is not required and you have other means to retrieve the list of points.

(17 Apr '12, 15:19) Pieren

Your question isn't very clear, but it seems unlikely that Potlatch is the tool you want.

Potlatch is the web-based Flash editor on the website (and several other places). As it's written in Flash and designed for desktop screen sizes, it is unlikely to function well on phones.

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answered 17 Apr '12, 16:01

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