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I edited some street and got it broken. The problem is that it is only shown on the map and not in Potlatch (a bug?) The link is broken street. Can anyone help?

asked 16 Apr '12, 18:03

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closed 17 Apr '12, 11:25

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Vincent de P... ♦

The coordinates of node 620502188 got updated a couple of days ago, but by some reason the tile has not got updated yet.

A little bit strange, since the all edits I've done the latest days have shown up on the map almost instantly.

(16 Apr '12, 18:43) gnurk

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Nothing is broken, it just takes some time for the rendering to be updated. It is updated one tile at a time, which can cause these broken-looking streets if a street stretches along multiple tiles, but not all tiles have been updated yet.

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answered 16 Apr '12, 18:41

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Vincent de P... ♦
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edited 16 Apr '12, 18:41


Do different parts of the world / edits made by different users get updated with different strategies? Or why have I been lucky the latest days getting instant updates over and over again, while this road is still broken after a couple of days.

And why is the node shown as updated while the way which includes that node is not shown as edited?

(16 Apr '12, 18:55) gnurk

I must agree with gnurk, I don't share this optimistic approach. I followed your link, to try to get the updated tile, but it didn't help. As I said I edited (also added) a street, which was shown after few minutes, but only the junction point is broke.

(16 Apr '12, 19:27) yonib

The heuristics of deciding which tiles to update are complex. Sometimes they fail, and a tile will miss its "quick update" and only get the "after a long while update". If that's the case and you're impatient, see for a way to manually request a tile render (I just did that for your problematic tile).

(16 Apr '12, 20:27) Vincent de P... ♦

case closed (how?) Thank you

(16 Apr '12, 23:25) yonib

Yonib, see previous comment for the "how". Closing question.

(17 Apr '12, 11:26) Vincent de P... ♦

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