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Can Open Street Map be used to derive latitude and longitude coordinates to an address provided by the user?

If not, thanks anyway, but if so

Can it be done in bulk? (I have a few million business listings I need to do this with)

If not, thanks anyway, but if so

Is there an indicator of the accuracy level which something has been geocoded at? For example, commercial solutions will indicate whether the address specified has been geocoded at a 10 meter level or a 100 meter level or at a town level etc...

Thanks in advance for your help!

asked 16 Apr '12, 12:40

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Saint Jimmy
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SimonPoole ♦

OpenStreetMap does not offer a service that lets you geocode millions of addresses, but OpenStreetMap has the data that allows you to do this.

You will have to run the software yourself. Check out Nominatim. Some Linux/database experience will be required to operate it. There's a free Nominatim service by MapQuest but I'm not sure if that can be used for bulk geocoding, check their terms.

The Nominatim result does have an indication of whether a house number was found or not (in which case some location along the street have been guessed), but there's not a precision indicator as such.

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answered 16 Apr '12, 12:52

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I highly recommend! It has no accuracy indicator, but provides a list of potential matches.

I got it set up in minutes and then could geocode away on my local machine simply using curl :)

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answered 10 Oct '22, 08:15

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There are free batch geocoders such as ; but there are limits on file sizes you can do for free. There is also AWS based geocoders that do the same thing. ( )

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answered 25 Feb '18, 16:21

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TomTom's Geocoder supports address geocoding. You need to specify options.apiKey nominatimmapquest: Same geocoder as openstreetmap, but queries the MapQuest servers. You need to specify options.apiKey

alt text

Read all about it here:

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answered 01 Jul '19, 22:19

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accept rate: 0% has a confidence indicator. It used OSM and other open data.

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answered 10 Oct '22, 12:59

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