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I am using Opera 10.63 and Firefox 3.6.10. In Firefox on I can see the map(s) fine, meaning the large portion of the screen with the good stuff.

In Opera it stays blanc, empty. No error message.

So what is the technology for the map-window-part, please? If I need to tweek the settings in Opera, what am I looking for? - pop-ups? - scripts? - those tiles, what are they technically speaking (or even better in Opera speak)?

Thank you.

I have searched for Opera and for browser and I might be the first one with this question. If not, I am sorry, please orient me, if answers already exist.



asked 14 Oct '10, 22:52

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The map on the front page uses OpenLayers, a JavaScript library for maps. The mapnik tiles are pulled from {a|b|c}

My Opera 10.63 with default settings works just fine.

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answered 15 Oct '10, 08:45

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Thank you Gnonthgol for your answer.

First I checked again my Opera settings, paying special attention to anything related to JavaScript. But I could not see anything wrong.

Then, from your encouragement, I reset my Opera to its default settings, basically sacrificing all my personal preferences. Sadly that made Opera very plain and ugly but did not change the empty-map-syndrom.

Finally, going once more over all the settings, I discovered that OSM is the only website which ever made an entry (or did I make that through some typo or unnoticed shortcut?) in the section:

Preferences / Advanced / Storage in the list headed "webpages using persistant storage".

That felt wrong to me, especially if OSM somehow persistantly stored "nothing". So I just deleted this entry and voilà, the tiles started pouring in. I am glad, because our internet connection is slow here and the Opera Turbo feature often helps a lot.

So thanks again. Problem solved. Do I need to click somewhere to mark it "solved" officially?

I will vote now, because your info about OpenLayers and JavaScript is exactly what I had wanted.

(15 Oct '10, 21:41) Screentoosmall

Hello Screentosmall, please post your words od f thanking not as a new answer to your original question, but as a comment to the answer of Gnonthgol, because this website is not organized as a forum with chronological entries -> each answer will be voted and displayed e.g. by the number of votes. So can you go to your "answer", choose "more" with the little black triangle and choose "convert to comment" ?

And yyou can mark an answer to one of your question by klicking the symbol ("accepted") under the thumb up / thumb down symbols.

(17 Oct '10, 18:32) stephan75

Hello stephan75 - thank you for the friendly correction (with help how to do it better next time and how to fix it this time). I believe I got it now.

(14 Nov '10, 21:22) Screentoosmall

This is all I needed to know, but back in October I was even worse a neeby than today. The wiki is rather good, once one gets the hang of it.

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answered 14 Nov '10, 21:25

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