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Hi, I want to communicate with some OSM expert in Latin America in country, city, location, email, address?? My desire is to receive relevant information from OSM, I need this info to develop a fleet control application and want to know if OSM can be done ... thanks

Buenas, deseo comunicarme con algun experto de OSM en latinoamerica, en pais, ciudad, lugar, correo electronico, direccion??? Mi deseo es recibir informacion relevante de OSM, necesito esta info para desarrollar una aplicacion de control de flotilla y deseo saber si con OSM se puede realizar... Gracias

asked 11 Apr '12, 16:31

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Hi, welcome to OSM! I'm afraid your answer is too broad to answer meaningfully. If you could explain in a bit more detail what you want to do, and what questions you need answered, you're more likely to get a good answer.

(12 Apr '12, 10:11) sleske

There are no "official OSM experts", since this is a (mostly) volunteer organization.

However, there are several ways to get in touch with people who know about OSM:

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answered 12 Apr '12, 10:18

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Well, the "map of user groups" is more german centric. But you can also use the "ITO OSM Mapper" tool to see a list of contributors around a limited area (you can sort the names by edits)(tool is free but subscription required)(

(12 Apr '12, 15:37) Pieren

This question is better directed to the OSM Latin America mailing list

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answered 08 Feb '15, 11:03

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I'm not sure, but I think one of the go-to people in Chile does something very similar to this question. See and

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answered 10 Feb '15, 15:10

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