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Hello Mrs., Mr.,

My name is Félix Ouellet; I work for CIVIS IT, a Canada based company, more precisely located in the province of Québec.

At the moment I am working on a project in Brazil. We want to cover urban areas within the 41 metropolitan regions of the country.

I am looking for road vector data to help us with car based surveying. Not only viewable data as in Google Maps or Bing Maps, but vector data, as you offer with the "Export XML" functionnality.

The thing is that I am looking for road data including road types, so that I can know precisely what is a highway, what is a road, what is a building, and if possible what vectors are single-way roads. I would also like to be able to download larger polygons compared with what is possible with OpenStreetLayers, so that I can cover whole urban areas.

So would you have data with those specific properties ? Would you have sample data ?

Thank you in advance.

Félix Ouellet, geomatics engineer for CIVIS IT, Québec, Canada

asked 10 Apr '12, 19:44

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You can download an extract of all OSM data for Brazil on the Geofabrik download server at The .osm.bz2 and .osm.pbf files are a complete OSM dataset (just like you would get from the "Export XML" on the web page) that you will have to filter with suitable OSM tools. The is a set of shape files, among them one that contains all the roads. You could probably use that and use standard GIS tools to cut out the areas you are interested in.

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answered 10 Apr '12, 20:04

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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You should also browse the wiki to understand how osm data is organised if you want to extract usefull info from it. Try and first. As for parsing the data, see or amongst many options.

(10 Apr '12, 20:58) Vincent de P... ♦

Thank you for your advices. I have now got data for the whole country of Brazil.

But it is not yet exactly what I am looking for: the features are not completely described as being highways vs streets; I would like to have the type of roads for 100% of the roads.

Also road data is not available for all the territory I am working on. About 80% is available in Open Street Map, but I would like 100%.

Félix Ouellet

(11 Apr '12, 16:35) Biwidgh

What do you mean "not completely described as being highways vs streets" ? Roads of an unknown type ("highway=road" in osm parlance) should be very rare. You should be able to distinguish highways from streets (whatever you feel the threshold is) for pretty much all the data. Remember that roads are only part of the osm way data : there are also buildings, landuse, lakes, regional borders, etc.

(11 Apr '12, 16:54) Vincent de P... ♦

Concerning the completeness of the data, it is true that osm still has to catch up in some regions of the world, sorry. We do believe that osm is the best way to fill the gaps, and invite you to join in. Remember that there is no such thing as a 100% complete map of a country. I wish you good luck in finding free vector data of brazilian roads that is more complete than osm; tell us if you do :)

(11 Apr '12, 17:00) Vincent de P... ♦

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