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Looking in my area, I noticed that there are significant business showing on the satellite images and these business have existed for more than three years. In addition, newer road changes are not reflected. Not very usefull with such old data.

asked 09 Apr '12, 20:13

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tkt, the underlying pictures you see are... the ones that the original owners donate to OSM. Sometimes they even change their mind afterward --a couple years ago we had to remove a background and replace it with another. Now, if you own a spy satellite fleet and are wishing to donate more recent images, you're welcome ;-) A less silly comment may be that lobbying image providers for support is a good idea!

(10 Apr '12, 17:08) Herve5

The age of Bing satellite images can be viewed here:


This uses the capture date as set in the HTTP headers for each tile.

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answered 09 Apr '12, 20:36

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As mentioned, the age varies from each source. Even with the same source of imagery, the age will change (as noted on the bing page) depending on the particular place.

Right now, there isn't a specific place detailing all of this information, but you could check out: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Aerial_imagery and http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Potential_Datasources

Also, if you're a josm user: Have the WMS layer open and selected, right-click on it on any area and select 'tile info'. This will sometimes tell you the approximate date when the imagery was taken (although this is sometimes incorrect!).

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answered 10 Apr '12, 22:26

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