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Is there a simple beginners guide - I can not find out what to do.

I need to download a routable map and send it to my GPS (Garmin GPSMAP 62S) - I have tried it before - but do not remember howto (only that it was very difficult) - last time a map was generated and send by email - and I could put it on GPS with Garmin Mapsource :-)

asked 05 Apr '12, 10:23

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Thanks for the help everyone... but I think it is simlpy too complicated for me - I do not have the patience :-)

(08 Apr '12, 09:08) Tzinck_DK

What a pitty .. then it seems that you can handle commercial map data that you can buy from garmin or similar a bit better, I guess.

(09 Apr '12, 15:05) stephan75

It's not as complicated as it sounds. The accepted answer below is easy as pie.

(09 Apr '12, 15:47) Baloo Uriza

Yes Paul. That was actually not difficult. I just noticed that the map was not as updated as the other one (where you have to get the img files). I got stuck when I had to merge some files into one. First I did not know howto use that .tar file - and second - there was simply too much information. Now I only loaded Denmark - but if I go out of the country I have to download another area - and when I come home - I have do download and transfer Denmark to GPS again

(09 Apr '12, 20:53) Tzinck_DK

Although it's not going to be available for a couple of days, Lambertus' site here would normally be the best place to start if you just want to download a map and you've not done it before. Unfortunately according to a message here there's some downtime scheduled for a server move, so if you want something before then, try one of the other links.

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answered 05 Apr '12, 16:51

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Thank you very much. This was actually the site I was looking for to download / build map :-)

(06 Apr '12, 15:05) Tzinck_DK

I actualy found out of this... It is just that the map is not up to date... But never mind :-) at least I have a map now :-) - and better than the Garmin City Navigator 2006

(08 Apr '12, 09:12) Tzinck_DK
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answered 05 Apr '12, 13:00

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Nice and detailed information... But too advanced for me :-) I need plug and play :-)

(08 Apr '12, 09:13) Tzinck_DK

The OSM wiki can be your friend!

Have a look at OSM_Map_On_Garmin and its subpage /Download

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answered 05 Apr '12, 13:00

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The quickest way to find info on any question you have is to first search these questions and the wiki with in this case "osm garmin" in the search box. The steps needed to install a map are, find a routable .img file of the area you are interested in,download it, unzip it, name file 'gmapsupp.img " put it into a folder called "garmin" on the memory card then install it into your garmin

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answered 06 Apr '12, 19:46

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andy mackey
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Yes... I found out of that... But then I had to add an area - and merge some gmapsupp.img files... I also tried to upload gmapsupp.img to my GPS - but never found out howto activate / select it. It is in the right folder Garmin on SD card

(09 Apr '12, 21:00) Tzinck_DK

I have a car Garmin 1310t which allows you to list all maps on SD and to select a map. Unfortunately my Vista HCX (and maybe GPS60) will only load a single map called GMAPSUPP.IMG so although you could have multiple maps on the card you would have to carefully change names by connecting to a PC to allow change over of maps.

(09 Apr '12, 22:48) andy mackey

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