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Thank to OpenSteetMap and the entire Community!! If it weren't for you Garmin would nickle and dime me to death!!!

I do have a question, I've downloaded the 4000MB-1on -161.15 to 158.95.2012-03-02.gmapsupp.img.torrent from (This is a map of the entire United States) and performed all necessary steps from unzipping it to putting it on my sd card under a file called Garmin and enabling the map on the etrex 30. The map shows up perfectly!!

When I go under, "Where to?" on my etrex 30 I can search All POIs, Cities, Shopping, Food & Drink, Fuel Services, etc--- and all the options work fine...

EXCEPT for "Intersections" & "Addresses". The first question the etrex 30 asks for is, "In what state or province is the intersection?" As soon as I enter the first letter of the state (such as I for Illinois or C for California) the etrex 30 responds, "No Results Found".

Does anyone know why this is happening? Clearly this map has POI's, Airports, Amusement Parks, etc because they show up.

Do I need to download a different map?

Is there a setting on the gps that needs to be changed?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!

asked 04 Apr '12, 16:45

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Same problem here with the 1.3Gb file of France taken from this list:

(11 Sep '13, 16:44) poumtatalia

This is probably caused by using an old version of mkgmap (the tool used to generate the .img file) that has issues creating files bigger than 2G, or forgetting to specify an option to build the index (thanks IrlJidel for the confirmation and links). So you should either ping the person generating those files, or get the files from someone else.

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answered 04 Apr '12, 17:43

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